What To Look For In Your Apprentice

Youngsters today are far more serious about their lives and careers than before. They have a plan and schedule to follow and hence do not waste time in procrastination. Fixing a goal and working on it, is what they want. So, as much as the employers need the apprentices, the apprentices too need a professional experience and qualification to further their careers.

The vitality and promise in these youngsters can only be sapped, if, you give them an opportunity to work in your business, may be only as apprentices. This experience can be life altering for them, which, in turn would alter the lives of all people around them, you included.

English: No job is too small or unimportant to...

English: No job is too small or unimportant to our new apprentices shown here on the Gun Protection Kit assembly line in September 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Classroom v/s outdoor

When looking for an apprentice, it is essential, to rely on your would-be apprentice’s references, after all if he/she has been in somebody’s good books, he/she can be in your good books too. The search for the right apprentice begins with the job. There are certain jobs, which, cannot be learnt in the classroom.

You have to get out and get dirty to learn the job. That is the only way of ensuring a successful innings at your job. Jobs such as baking, carpentry, woodwork, pottery, idol-making, sculpting, cooking, et al, are jobs where the first-hand knowledge of the entire work flow is necessary evolve in your work.

Why you need to learn a craft

A good worker/ boss will tell you that the more you sweat in your apprenticeship years, the better you become in your future role of a businessman/businesswoman. An apprenticeship is not an agreement alone where the young adult only learns a particular job, it gives him/her a real time experience of knowing the pros and cons of the job. It also provides the apprentice  financial independence and he/she becomes better at handling money and finances, handling the pressures of the job and also learns a special skill/training associated with the job.

Some people might argue that an apprentice wastes away his/her formative teen years in working for somebody else when he/she could have acquired education for a better future. But, if you look at the bigger picture you can see that these young individuals are starting off with something early in life which they would eventually do. So, it is actually saving time, rather than wasting it. The time that they are spending in working for somebody else is actually, helping them to learn a job or trade where they can be their own bosses.

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