What is Life

Life is long, life is short,

But the length is not what life’s about,

It’s the quality of life that counts.Life

It makes a person lost or found.

Some finds it easy and some hard,

Living life true is the greatest art,

Life is full of amazing games,

One day healthy and the other day lame.

Some people are rich, some are poor,

Some live on the sidewalks and suffer In vain,

Some live in mansions and drive limousines.

Everyone is money minded in this material world,

They treat you like a king, if you give them pearls,

Everything can be bought, everything sold,

Human being is even weighed in gold….

You have to be strong, if you want to live,

It’s the law of jungle, only the fittest survive,

But you don’t have to worry, if you have faith in the lord,

He will take you through and give you joy as your reward.

What is Life?

Life is a book- study it.

Life is an opportunity- grasp it.

Life is a challenge- accept it.

Life is a force- apply it.

Life is a dream- dream it.

Life is a struggle- face it.

Life is a gift- have it.

Life is a rose- smell it.

Life is a drama- act it.

Life is a fun- enjoy it.

Life is a scale- weigh it.

Life is a trial- pass it.


Friendship: Hard to make, easy to break.

Happiness: Time to smile, which goes for a mile.

Heart: Heavy in trouble, light when life is enjoyable.

Love: Nature’s treasure, Heaven of pleasure.


In the game of cricket, there are ten with you;
While playing football, there is a big crew;
The game of billiards is played by two;
While playing basketball, we have a task to do.
But in the game of life, there is no one with you;
You are alone there, in a long queue.
With no one who’s real, near to you,
Parents can guide you, teachers will teach you;
Friends may help you, but they can’t do everything for you.
And the one who reaches his destinations, his success;
Through his difficult path too, then he is a player ‘TRUE’.

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