What Is Enduro Racing And Why Its So Popular?

The concept of enduro racing has gained popularity in the recent years. It has now become one among the best off road racing where in riders take their bike downhill until the meeting point is reached. The rider who meets the finishing point in minimal time is declared winner. Enduro riding gives an adrenalin rush and this is fun and exciting at the same time.

There are various organizers who co-ordinates enduro racing every year and set rules and limitations for the race.

There are different stages and session spots decided and communicated to riders before the game starts. Over the years, endure racing has attracted huge bike loving community across country.

There are various rules and regulations set by organizing community.

This varies from each organizer while these organizers follow certain general set of rules that is mandatory while conducting endure racing. Few such general rules of endure racing are as follows:

  • limited climbing in enduro race stage
  • three stages of racing is set: smaller, easier and tough
  • long climbs and long descents are set after safety considerations
  • race usually lasts for more than 7 hours and can vary base on organizers ad mountain trail chosen
  • race format is easy to understand and follow

How to enrol for the race might be the toughest part. In most cases, tickets for participating sell off month in advance. This means as a participant you need to have a close watch and follow news with diligence. Most organizers stick to 500 riders for a race to avoid risk and other mitigation constraints.

No amount of browsing or research can help you with understanding trails. Dirtxtreme.com suggest that the best way to understand your biking route is to connect with locals. They know the trail better and can help you with understanding the trail and the safety concerns to consider in advance.

Enduro racing is not an easy task. You need to design your bike in such a way so as to stand the mountain trail. Connect with mechanics who are experts in modifying your racing bike to enduro racing standards. But do not pester them with your questions. Try to connect with them carefully and gain an understanding on how to control bike while trailing.

Before enrolling for enduro racing; make a clear idea on the class you want to race.

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