What Are Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos are common material which is used often in the modernization of the buildings, and other construction works since years. They come in many types and are found in central heating, bath panels, roof tiles, cupboard walls, pipe lagging, shed roofs, fuse boxes, fireplaces surrounds etc.

If you wish to test the asbestos or want to do sampling about its containing material then there is an easy way to do that is by conducting asbestos survey through a professional service. There are many asbestos evaluation specialists that do asbestos surveying that confirms whether they are in good form or need changing or even if you are planning for any renovation.

mcs asbestos debris

mcs asbestos debris (Photo credit: Friend_in_Detroit)

Usually type 3 asbestos surveys are made compulsory proceeding to any renovation, remodelling or repairing activity. The asbestos surveys are the written statement prepared and passed carrying a detailed inspection using the analysis and the methods with EPA regulations. These surveys determine whether the asbestos are fit to keep or renovated, removed or demolished.

The preliminary step of this asbestos survey is to identify the containing properties in your asbestos. The survey report comprises of approx. quantity, where they are been used, which material asbestos are used etc. Since; there is a different requirement of the asbestos in entire building. Out of other asbestos surveys, type 3 asbestos surveys are compulsory if you are thinking to renovate the property.

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