Water Heater Repairs And Maintenance

Water heaters are very essential for smooth functioning of any home. Cold shower and cold water in taps to do various chores is not very pleasant. In places where the weather patterns are extreme, life without a water heater can be impossible too. These home appliances are built sturdy, to withstand wear and tear and come with a long life. Most of the times they outlive their life expectancy and can carry out the job fantastically with a minimal repairs and maintenance.

English: Two Rannai brand, tankless water heat...

English: Two Rannai brand, tankless water heaters in a commercial setting. Each unit is rated 199,000 BTU and the two work in parallel, heating water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Located on a dairy farm and provide hot water for cleaning milking equipment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Problems in Water Heaters

These appliances come in two variants, gas water heaters and electric water heaters. The gas heaters use gas to fuel a flame that heats up water in the storage tank while electric heaters do so using electricity and a heating element. Inadequate hot water could be due to some minor repairs that could be due to a faulty thermocouple in gas heaters, heating element in electric ones or even due to a blown fuse.

Switch off gas or power supply before taking on such repairs. The thermocouple in gas heaters is responsible for starting the flame through electrical signals and a faulty one could be the culprit for insufficient hot water. Spares are easily available in stores and basic electrical skills are all that is required to undertake such repairs. In the case of electrical heaters, there are two heating elements that are used to heat up the water in the storage tank.

Even if either of them is worn out there could be less hot water. Apart from these, water heaters can get noisy and develop leaks due to a faulty temperature pressure valve. Smell in electrical water heaters is due to an exposed anode rod that leads to bacterial build up.

How To Repair Water Heaters

Even though parts are readily available, undertaking repairs is not everybody’s cup of tea. They would rather prefer professional help to get the problem fixed. Thus finding the right water heater damage company should be meticulously planned. There are different ways to go about it, business listings of any city, internet listings of service providers and the best of all, personal recommendations from friends and family. People who have had previous experiences with any particular company are the trustworthiest one to go with.

A good water heater damage company has the skilled staff as well as the equipment required for such repairs. While most of the worn out parts can be replaced, an expert will also help decide if it is worth repairing or replacing the water heater with a new one. They undertake installing new ones as well. There are several advantages to this kind of professional help. They offer a whole lot of other allied services that go a long way in protecting your home from water damage.

It is not only water heater repairs but they also undertake repairs to walls, moisture detection and removal and restoration of the damaged areas. Prompt repairs and restoration measures go a long way in avoiding major disruption to daily routine and this is something that a professional water heater damage company ensures.

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