Valuable Web Designing Trends for e-commerce marketing on Instagram

Building an e-commerce store is not an easy thing, as it is not all about creating a good website and inserting all the products into the respective product categories. There are a few small things that are required to be followed with precision when developing an e-commerce website. For this purpose, you can take some successful e-commerce stores as an example. Following the website designing trends will fetch you popularity for your social media campaign. Instagram has been used for social media campaigning for small-scale or e-commerce businesses these days quite commonly.

To simplify things for you, here some effective tips are gathered only for you so that you can run an online e-commerce store with precision. Following these web designing ideas will also fetch success in your Instagram marketing.

Following Latest Designing Trend

The interface of your website is the most important thing, and you have to be careful on this aspect. The interface should be contemporary and attractive at the same time. People like to visit the websites which are graphically interesting, interactive and impressive. So, it is not a secret that e-commerce businesses give a lot of priorities to revamp their sites graphically. Responsive web design is the latest trend for building e-commerce websites or online stores.

Responsive design is mobile or handheld device friendly design. Previously, e-commerce users had to keep separate versions for the mobile users and desktop or laptop users. Now, there is no need to have a separate website, when your site is based on responsive web designing technique. A responsive website changes resolutions and dimensions automatically to fit any size of the screen. Apart from the responsive website, people are opting for minimalist sites as well.

Social Media Integration

Power of social media cannot be denied, and that is why one needs to adopt social media friendly web store for e-commerce success. There are a lot of ways of making the website or online store social media friendly. You can add Facebook or Twitter button. You can add Instagram button and also you can give options for the web visitors to share products or services of your website in their respective social media accounts. This does not only enhance sales but at the same time, your business gets better exposure.

People limit their social media activities within Facebook and Twitter. This is a wrong thing to do, as you need to keep an eye on other growing social media websites to fetch better business reputation as well as recognition. Instagram is a growing social media website, and people like to share photos as well as other media files on this social media platform. It is a unique way of getting connected to each other. Importance of Instagram as social media platform should not be undermined, as it possesses a lot of followers or users. All you need is focusing on gathering more followers for Instagram. It will fetch better business recognition for you.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Your business shall flourish when you have multiple payment gateways. Buyers should have the choice of having various payment methods so that they can purchase things with more convenience. Apart from credit card payment, successful e-commerce stores give payment through various mobile wallets and other payment gateways. Nevertheless, your payment gateway should be secured. Lack of security for the payment gateway can cause immense troubles for the buyers, and as result trustworthiness of your e-commerce store will start decreasing.

All major e-commerce websites have been developed with multiple payment gateways. This is a good way to gain a good reputation. Moreover, different people are comfortable with varying methods of payment. Not incorporating certain payment method may lead to losing customers. So, there is no reason why one should take up such risk. Instead of taking up any risks, you simply need to incorporate a few more payment gateway options to provide convenience to the buyers.

Video and Slideshows for the Products

Many businesses deal with innovative products. Selling such product through online is risky, as buyers often get into a dilemma for buying such products. To lure buyers and to give a better understanding of the products, you can choose videos and slideshows to be incorporated into respective products on the product page. A 360-degree slideshow of the product will provide a better idea of the product to the customers. This is exactly needed for an online furniture store or handcrafted item stores. This is a good way of launching innovative products as well. It helps to create a good amount of awareness on newly launched products.

People want to know more about products before they go for buying online. People have the option of reaching on the products before finalizing the deal. Hence, online shopping is a little different than traditional shopping. Blatant product marketing would not work in this case, as people are conscious of what they are buying. This is the reason why an online store should hold more transparency and user-friendliness through its interface. To provide more transparent and truthful guidance on products, videos and slideshows are used commonly. These videos or slideshows can also be used for product marketing on the social media platforms.

Minimalistic Web Design Approach

Minimal website designing approach is trending these days. People like to visit the websites which are user-friendly, clean and simple looking. They like visiting site which focuses on publishing good content. They also like those websites which load easily. Heavy graphics elements make a website to act or perform slowly. As a result, visitors find such sites annoying. The rate of page visiting of such websites drops significantly with the advent of time. With the minimal designing approach, such problems can be overcome. Minimal design makes a website to appear professional and soothing for eyes. It also helps a site to become seamless regarding performance.

The building search engine friendly website is essential, as it helps a website to grow faster by gaining more recognition. It helps a web-based business to become more popular as well as successful with its internet marketing campaign. At the same time, the website should have trendy outlook to draw the attention of followers on the Instagram profile of your business.

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