Using Comics to Change the World

There are many out there in the world who love comics and all that they represent. There are some who look to comic book heroes as their own heroes and who want to be like those characters. There is a new outreach being created that is based on the fact that individuals love comics and all that they offer. This new outreach is something that uses a mix of comics, games, art, and more to educate the world and to get people thinking about the way that they can make a positive influence on those around them. Ezarieth World Heroes is something that is being created to better the world.

Ezarieth World Heroes

Using comics to get a message across,Ezarieth World Heroes mixes fantasy and superheroes to grab the attention of those individuals who might be interested and then to lead them on to find their purpose in the world. Full of action and excitement, this movement is something that will interest many. There are a variety of people out there who enjoy comics and all that they have to offer, and this outreach is trying to bring those people together for a great purpose. This outreach is looking to accomplish good by drawing together those who are interested in comic adventures.


The work ofEzarieth World Heroes is something that is special and different. There are those out there who are helping to fund this campaign and get that work moving along. There is a Kickstarter available for this campaign that allows interested individuals to step up and help with its funding. Something big is about to take place throughEzarieth World Heroes, and the world of comics and comic books may be about to change. The world of magic, of fantasy and superheroes is in for a fresh change and something truly new and different.


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