Upgrading Your Homes Electrical Circuit

Our modern lifestyles today offer many new technological products that are challenging the older electrical service, which many times fail the challenge. Unless you are having a new home built your older home may need an upgrade to your electrical circuits.  With the new electrical code you may need to have to upgrade to one hundred amps.  The reason is to make sure that there is enough power in your home for all of his new technology without causing problems such as a fire.  This is a project that is not recommend a homeowner undertake unless they are a licensed electrician.  If you need to have your electrical circuit upgraded you can talk to local electrician Riverside County and make an appointment to come to your home to do an inspection to see what needs to be done.


When you decide to upgrade your electrical circuits be sure to think beyond what your immediate needs are and look a few years into the future as to what you might need.  Doing this may help you save money and time in the end because by doing this you should not to rewire your electrical circuits for a few years. Most of your homes have electrical circuits on a one hundred twenty volt line but in order to run heavy electrical equipment and major appliances you will need a two hundred twenty volt outlet.

Some of the things that the electrician Riverside County will take in consideration in order to do the correct electrical circuit upgrade.

  • Satellite TV/Cable—they will look at where you want to watch television and if necessary add more cable to rooms that do not have the cable like the children’s bedroom, kitchen, etc
  • Appliances—they will look at the variety of appliances in your kitchen like blenders, coffee machine, microwave oven, to see if you have enough electrical outlets in your kitchen and if not they will put more in.
  • Computers—if there are any rooms where you would like to hook up a computer or laptop the electrician would advise adding more electrical outlets or a modem or phone line.
  • Ceiling fans—usually on ceiling fans they are operated from a wall switch to turn it and the lights off and on. If you want to be able to control the fan and lights separately from the wall switch you will have to have additional wiring, which the electrician in Riverside County can do for you.

If you decide that you want to add a home security system to your home or special lighting the electrician can figure out what other electrical upgrades have to be made for these new additions.

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