Types of Military Binoculars

Because binoculars are optical devices that help you see things from far distances they are used often by military personnel during combat. Other than combat, there are many different types of military binoculars that are available for other uses. These types come in a variety of configurations and sizes, which include night vision and rangefinder binoculars. This type is usually more rugged than the standard type. The regular military binoculars come in tan, green, or black in color so make them easier to camouflage in many outdoor environments. You can also get pocket-sized versions that will fit on a belt harness or in your backpack.

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The rangefinder is a versatile type of military binoculars. They are able to give the person a real-time range distance calculations for their intended target. In the military these binoculars are made to be used with particular military weapons. Using them the shooter is able to adjust the distance of the weapon they are using. To determine the range of fire for the shot hunters also use this type. Some of them have advanced night vision capabilities by using infrared technology. This technology helps to magnify objects in the distance that are in total darkness. If the binoculars are night vision they will be used most often in infantry and tank divisions so they can perform night maneuvers and night raids.

The binoculars that the military use have a higher magnification capability than a standard lens. This helps to make them a better quality binocular. With the military style you can span clearly a distance of sixteen hundred yards. They are also made with very rugged material so they are hard to break. Before they can be considered military binoculars they are tested in some of the more difficult terrain in the entire world.  This can make them a valuable asset for hunting. To very important qualities that you want to find in any pair of binoculars are for them to be water resistance and anti-fog.

Today’s most durable military binoculars have either seven-times or six-times magnification. The higher magnification will usually require a big bulky package that must be mounted on the tripod for viewing images. The infantry mostly uses the six-times magnification and the reasons are that it gives adequate coverage and it comes in a compact unit. You can purchase military binoculars in army surplus stores, online sites that sell military items, and stores that sell binoculars. Because most military binoculars have special capabilities they are usually more expensive than your standard pairs. You can pay several hundred dollars or as much as several thousand dollars. In some surplus stores you may find them cheaper because they are second hand.

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