This Is Why STICKrs N STONZ Is The Innovation Of The Century

Did you know that you can use a device to track your progress in any activity you are doing? This amazing device can help you do extraordinary things that no man has ever thought can be done. Not only does it track your progress but also keeps you focused as well as providing you with a positive reinforcement. It is coming and will definitely take over like storm. This amazing device is a kickstarter project which goes by the name  STICKrs N STONZ. It is also referred to as FLiP STONZ. But what really makes it stand out? We seek to find out.


This exceptional device is usually worn like a wristband. You simply wear it on your hand as you continue with your daily activities. Interestingly, STICK rs N STONZ will remind you to do various activities such as taking 8-10 glasses of water daily as recommended by the doctor. It is very efficient, effective, comfortable and less expensive. This enables you to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

This wonderful product does not involve any use of chemicals. This makes it 100% safe for your health. STICKrs N STONZ makes use of modern day ordinary materials that have no negative impact on an individual’s health. This simply makes the kickstarter project quite impressive.

What really makes STICKrs N STONZ stand out from many devices we use is the fact that it does not involve the use of batteries! This prevents you from the hassle of buying batteries as well as the need to carry out constant charging.

This kickstarter product comes in form of a band with each band comprising of a two strand of high quality elastic material. It also includes a group of flat and square shaped acrylic tiles onto which superior pressure sensitive, custom printed and laminated labels are placed n both sides of the tiles. This leads to creation of many functions that can be performed by the wristband.

Consequently, STICKrs N STONZ can serve as a simple memory assist device, an attitude adjuster, a habit breaker/maker, prayer band, share a smile band and many more. Plans are underway to customize the product depending on customer’s request.

In conclusion, this is indeed an impressive kickstarter project that needs enough support to make it successful.

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