The Sun Tent – Add More Enjoyment at Beach

Whether you call it a sun umbrella, or a beach cabana, this product can provide you with sun shelter and beach shade adding more fun to your outdoor activities. Whether you are at the beach or camping at a secluded place, or even enjoying a picnic with family and friends, this sun tent could be the perfect protection from excessive breeze as well as the UV Rays of the sun.

You can use this as a sports umbrella, which can be inflated to a size that can accommodate 5 to 6 persons, with the floor area extendable up to 80 inches. The windows provide ample breeze to enter the canopy and when not required, you can close them also.

The inner lining is made of a fabric colored in silver to protect you from the UV Rays. The most exciting part of this beach cabana is that, you can instantly make it pop up and at the time of packing up bags, it can be easily folded and stored inside a bag. It is light in weight because of the fiber lining, which makes this sun umbrella easily portable.

This pop up canopy is the most attractive and easily maintainable with elaborate instructions being provided for cleaning and maintenance. You will find the right and quality accessories to erect the pop up tent, of your choice which include full, half and clear walls. The printed marquees are simply amazing, with the quality of finish being most impressive. Great way to enjoy the outdoors with this instant pop up beach shade!

You can order for this product, with delivery guaranteed within a short time. Going through the features of this beach cabana, you will definitely be tempted to have his product as one of the prize accessories for outdoor adventures.

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