The Pleasures Of Telluride Colorado

If ever there was a majestic land it is Telluride, Colorado with its breathtaking view surrounding by the many splendors of nature; rugged and untamed by man. It allows the human species to enter and reside here by this land is dominant of anything and anyone within its reach; these mountains reached over 10,000 feet. Among its wildlife and its tender beauty lies a beautiful quant town called Telluride founded in 1878 during the gold rush, with this town full of promise and lively folk it has been well establish; getting a piece of the pie that is luxury Mountain Village homes for sale in Telluride places you smack in the middle of this paradise.

Though its original name was Columbia it was change in the early 19th century due to the confusion of a town already names Columbia California; therefore it adopted its new name and has prospered ever since. It is a lively town full life vacation resorts, shopping new homes and land for everyone; you would not have any difficulty finding a Telluride luxury real estate agent; they too are prospering.

Life is good in this little town with tourist arriving throughout the year bringing in very good income; though it is buried far beneath these massive mountains it reputation grows and has become quite the spot to go skiing camping or relocating; getting away from it all and picking up everything and finding a whole new life. There are many people wanting to own Telluride homes for sale and start their new life here; the luxury real estate Telluride market is here for them providing wonderful opportunities for anyone ready to take the challenge.

This wonderful little paradise actually became a ghost town after the mines quit producing; everyone started leaving in hoards; but, originally at the town height there were over 5,000 people residing in this little tucked away splendor. It has been said that this town was known for its gold and silver deposits rich in minerals; according to history it produced over $360M; Telluride became one of the richest little towns as far as one could see.

Telluride luxury real estate is borne of a small picturesque town that has created its own history either through her majestic beauty and riches it released to its capturers; though we used it up at the time and gave up on it when it had had enough, we just didn’t see what riches it truly had to offer. It was the riches of its mineral content that we so rudely ripped out of its belly; even though we stole all that it had to give it still wants to give us more of its self in the form of luxury real estate Telluride.

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