The Ecotourism in Dominica

Ecotourism is based on a simple idea which is to respect the environment in which the resorts are located. You can choose these particular friendly hotels environment through eco labels.

Dominica is a country with a rich ecosystem to be protected at best. When choosing a hotel in Dominica, having environment friendly facilities you participate in the preservation of fauna and flora.

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The island of Dominica is full of unique plant and animal species. There are more than 160 species of birds, whales, dolphins and sea turtles that are part of this unique setting.

 The colonization of the island centuries ago has opened this land caribbean trade and later tourism. Thousands of people from around the world each year choose to come and discover this little paradise.

The lush forest that covers the island will surely surprise you with its beauty. Dominica is a volcanic island with natural pools, hot springs and hundreds of rivers covering the entire territory. The Trois Pitons National Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

A boiling lake fed by hot springs can be visited in the Valley of Desolation. Most visitors recognize the authenticity of the preserved Caribbean island. When choosing a hotel in Dominica who engages in the protection of this extraordinary heritage you allow all these treasures of nature to remain intact.

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The protection of natural sites is the responsibility of all and tourists including. For the richness and beauty of the landscape can last you must consider the impact of tourism.

The island is not designed to accommodate mass tourism which certainly increase economic activity but damage at the same time the greatest wealth of the territory, nature. What attracts so many tourists each year is of course the beautiful scenery that Dominica has to offer.

This volcanic island has an extremely rich soil nutrients, water of exceptional quality and a healthier air. Whatever the purpose of your trip, you will find your happiness in Dominica. The many beaches and villages of the island are ideal for families wishing to enjoy the Caribbean sun.

Walking trails traversing both sides agree the island entirely to sports visitors wishing to visit as much as possible. Nothing like walking to discover the hidden Dominique whether birds or even rare plant treasures. Everything is within reach of every visitor. Volcanic sources and many rivers were the identity of this Caribbean island.

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