Stockbase POS 2012 Spanish Edition – An Effective Business Software for Smooth Running

Now there is no need to maintain separate accounts for stock, billing or your assets. StockBase POS 2012 Spanish Edition is the eventual answer which will take away the entire unnecessary work load.

It is software, compatible with Windows and is ideal for any types of retail business whether dealing with goods or services. It is a multifunctional billing system which keeps track of all the activities a retail shop needs to thus enhancing the business and leading it to a growth.

Key features

The StockBase POS 2012 Spanish Edition here is easy to use software which does not require any professionals to handle it nor does it requires any type of training. It is user friendly and anyone can operate it.

English: Phorest Salon Software

English: Phorest Salon Software (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It helps in the operation of sales and billings can be done easily and effectively. It is a very useful software and particularly helpful when the number of customers are very large. So long queues can be avoided much to the satisfaction of the customers because nobody wants to wait after their shopping is over. It eases the person on the counter also as the work in hectic free.


The StockBase POS 2012 Spanish Edition was first launched in 1994 and since then has gained into popularity. It is free to download from any website with a total file size of 70.62 MB. It is just not a mere cash register. It also keeps track of all the other information and creates a detailed report of the monthly profit and loss.

With this software a business is sure to make progress as it also gives a detailed description of the stock in hand thus enabling the business to be in contact with the suppliers in time. It is without any doubt exceptional software packed with innumerable features much to the satisfaction of the user.

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