Spotting a perfect story book for your kid

A good quality story book is relished by both children and adults. Such books require special elements so as to make them the favorite of the reader. Some of the essential elements ought to be there in story books so as to turn them interesting as well as perfect kid classics. Following are main elements that can help you to choose story book for yourself.

kids story booksIllustrations

Colorful, creative and well rendered examples are certainly required so as to fuel and consolidate the visual imagination of the child. Children books like Jonathan the red head is full of different colored pictures that tends to develop images for further private and social play time fun as well as imaginary adventures.

Lively pictures of the book full-on captivate the attention of the child for hours. Each page that is studied relives in the brain of the child several times over. Apart from that, well rendered images and pictures in the book reinforce learning through picture word linkage strategy. The illustrated pictures remain for a longer span of time in the brain of the child thereby easing down his learning process.

Perfect story line

The story line of short children stories plays a great role in developing imagination, curiosity, and suspense in the brain of the child. The stories that are able to maintain the interest of a child are able to create a deeper impact over their brain.  Such stories are remembered even after the child turns out to be an adolescent and adult. avails best of kids story books written by well known writers like Nana buduli and Tamara forge. The site has a complete collection of all categories of story books for kids that include:

1.      Witch story books

2.      Cat story books

3.      bed time story books

4.      rhymes and poem books

5.      famous story books

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