Singapore Ranked as the 2nd Most Popular Destination in Asia

If you’re thinking about planning a vacation to Asia in the near future, Singapore is surely one of the countries that you need to consider visiting as it was recently ranked as the 2nd best Asia-Pacific location to visit according to MasterCard. With a variety of interesting tourist locations, an abundance of delicious local and international foods, and something new on every corner it’s no wonder that tourists are arriving by the boatload.


How Many Visitors Does Singapore Receive Annually?

The rates have varied over the years, but according to MasterCard there were approximately 11.81 million people who visited Singapore during 2015. The first most popular Asian destination was Bangkok with an astonishing 21.9 million visitors and the runner-up for 2nd place was Tokyo with 11.76 million visitors.

The Asia Pacific Destination Index

MasterCard provides an inclusive study to determine the best places to visit in Asia on an annual basis called the Asia Pacific Destination Index. During this study there are 167 destinations from over 22 countries in the continent that are monitored. They pay special attention to town, cities, and island resorts to get the total amount of people that are international travelers, cross-border travelers, and other individuals that spend a few night sin the area. 90.1% of the international arrivals are represented by the 167 destinations that MasterCard looks into.

Who Visits Singapore?

It is well known that people from around the world are constantly coming into the country from different continents such as Oceania and North America. According to this study, the most visitors were from Indonesia at 16.1 percent of all overnight stays. Chinese residents measured in at 13.9 percent and Indian residents at 7.3 percent. All of these individuals were either on vacation or visiting the area for tourism purposes.

Singapore’s Growth Over the Years

One of the main reasons as to why this particular country is so popular is because they are accommodating new visitors to see what the have to offer on a yearly basis. Singapore is constantly growing to adapt to more modern technologies, offering a variety of different tourism opportunities, and competing with other areas of Asia such as Malaysia and Thailand to attract more visitors annually. According to Deborah Hang, the MasterCard Singapore general manager, Singapore has worked closely with government and tourism authorities to attract the “increasingly affluent and well-travelled consumer.”

How Expensive is a Trip to Singapore?

One thing to take into consideration is that although Singapore is a beautiful place to visit, it also comes with a price tag. It is also one of the most expensive locations in the world to visit, whether you’re staying for a few nights or for a couple of weeks. The average amount of money that travelers spend during their vacation is $14.1 billion USD. That comes out to approximately $255 USD on a daily basis. Though there are more expensive destinations such as Shanghai, where you can spend an average of $269 USD daily.

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