Signs Guys are Flirting

The eyes are one of the most precious gifts you have and they are considered to be a window to our soul. By reading the eyes of a gay, you can actually make them attracted to you. Eye contact is one of the good signs guys are flirting. Eye flirting can be one of the sexy flirting that can actually turn a gay on. But the problem lies when the men are unaware of this most effective technique. So here are some tips for you to use your flirting eyes to attract a gay.

FlirtingIf a gay stares at you or gives a vertical look, you are having a good luck. He isn’t trying to scare you off but actually hitting on you. But a cute boy eye is hard to catch and you ought to be paying attention. It actually means that the gay likes you face and gives a vertical look, up through down to know more. This is the best eye contact flirting technique used by boys. So be confident next time and approach him.

A guy may not approach a boy directly, but he can give you a green light to approach him. It may be even harder to notice, but if you did, you are really playing good. This can be notices when you pass a gay and he looks at you with a little smile on his face. This assures you that he is comfortable with talking to you. All you need is to approach him. Dilated pupils can be a signal too. We cannot actually notice this either. But if one manages to look in his eyes and read them, it says that he likes you. No words required any more. A pair of flirting eyes is enough for a gay to say these words.

Always wondering if your gay partner will allow you to kiss him? Just look into his flirting eyes and you will get the answer. And if you fail to catch that, you may not get a chance again. When talking to him, he may look at your lips. This is just enough. Just go ahead and kiss him. This is called the ‘kiss me’ look.

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