Shelter Maasai Women, Save the Maasai Children

Not all of us are lucky to have everything that we need in life. There are people who are unfortunate in life and they need help. There are circumstances that occur in life that would also make someone who was once completely independent to be in desperate need of help. All such situations call for our help and generosity.

One of the powers of indiegogo is the spirit of generosity. There are people who have no shelter because of different reasons. Shelter is one of the basic needs of humans, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a roof over their heads.

Maasai Children

Generosity by indiegogo offers a beautiful platform on which to create awareness of different people in need. Be it the need of medical emergency, shelter or any kind of need that will improve the life of people in the community. Indiegogo generosity is always ready and willing to assist people in need.

Maasai is a community living in Kenya a country in the sub Saharan Africa. The Maasai community is one that has strongly stuck to its traditions even in today’s civilized world. Some of these traditions are good and help the community to grow especially when it comes to tourists’ attraction, but some of the traditions are backward and outdated and they sabotage especially women and children.

The Maasai woman is in charge of her family including the building of shelter for the family. As much as women are empowered in today’s world, a house built using limited resources and with the hands of a woman, leaves a lot to be desired.

Such houses have no good ventilation and they leak when it rains exposing both women and children to all sorts of diseases. That is why we are approaching indiegogo generosity to assist us in building better shelter for the Maasai women and children to help them live a better life that is free of diseases and one that will make their lives easier and give them hope in life.

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