Self Help Manual for the Everyday Consumerist

Ah consumerism, it’s beautiful really. People fighting tooth and nail to buy the newest coolest and shiniest product that is most definitely better than it’s predecessor that was only released a year ago. People mindlessly being controlled by advertisement and spending all of their money on the newest iphone, car, TV, cleaning rag, etc. you name it, there is a new and improved version that was released yesterday. The point is, here in America people live for the next sale, and the truth is they will never be satisfied. They will never be satisfied because the high of having that new whatever will fade, and sooner or later it will become a burden that they will have to make monthly payments for, and before they are done paying for it the new model will be released and the cycle starts again.


However, there is a way out of this endless cycle of  consumerism, excess bills, and debt.  The way out might not be fun at first but it will save thousands of dollars in the long run. It will save one from being a slave to capitalism, and will most importantly improve the quality of life.

The most important thing to remember is that you are in control of what you buy, not the other way around. This is why it is very helpful to budget your hard earned money and make a spending plan. Now many people mistake this as cutting out all of the fun in life and throwing out out the window but that’s simply not the case. It simply means that money is being spent wisely and  having it not go to waste. This can be as simple as looking on line or in the Sunday paper to see what food items are on sale or there are 10% OFF Bakcountry coupons for, and writing a grocery list and a weekly meal plan based on it. By doing this you can save a lot of money and will stop spending on useless items bought on impulse. Essentially, what you are doing now is learning to do more with less.

Now that we have more control on spending money, it’s time to get rid of all of the items and “stuff” that only serve the purpose of  collecting dust and taking up space. However there is no need to panic because this doesn’t have to be all at once. A good way to start is by cleaning out your closet of all the clothes you haven’t warn in months and will most likely never wear again donating it, you are not only doing yourself a favor but also helping those in need. Another way to start off is by cleaning out junk drawers in the home and getting rid of all the useless items. From here you can start getting rid of all the other “stuff” that is cluttering up your life and will send you on your way to having a clutter free home and a clutter free life that is free of useless junk, to avail discounts use promo codes from rebates zone.

So in conclusion, life gets so much better when one breaks free from the vicious cycle of extreme consumerism. By following this new life style, all of the useless “stuff” in life are cleaned out, and now your time and money can be invested into trips and life experiences which are scientifically proven to make people happier than material objects. These new life experiences and trips are then made into beautiful memories that make a happy and fulfilled life. So when the new shinier and cooler TV, iphone, or cleaning rag is released, you will feel so happy that you no longer feel the need to have it to make you happy.

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