Samsung UN40D6300 – Revolutionize the TV viewing experience

Samsung UN40D6300 TV will keep your eyes locked on its 40 inches screen backlit with LED technology. The electronic marvel is your stylish companion to enjoy movies and play apps.

This smart TV has loads of savory technical stuff embedded in its circuitry that will literally keep you engrossed with it for hours on an end. The Samsung apps take your viewing experience to the next level. These compelling applications are similar to the ones encountered on UN40D6300’s miniature counterparts, the mobiles.

Samsung UN40D6300 TV

The web based applications provide seamless connection to one’s favorite digital media ranging from accessing social forums such as Facebook, getting challenged by fun games and gazing at videos. The huge screen is outrageously effective in enhancing the TV experience manifold times.

You will be immersed into the world of most advanced 3D imaging technology around.

The home cinema experience of the viewer will be catapulted into the realm of absolute visual ecstasy by the addition of amazing features like 3D active glasses and 3D blu ray player.

You will be ushered in the world of 3D with a plethora of games, contents and applications to savor. The 3D television offers limitless vistas to explore. The high definition LED TV possesses double the resolution of any standard HDTV.

This makes the images crispy, rich, detailed, lifelike and crystal clear with the aid of ultra-clear panel feature. Gruesome blurring never interrupts the watching extravaganza with Samsung UN40D6300 irrespective of the angle from which the TV is watched. Wide color enhancer plus brings about vividness in images and clarity in pictures. Chipset, backlight and TV panel are used for motion determination of an image at 200 Hz motion rate.

Digital noise is completely eliminated for analogue broadcasts with digital noise filter. The 3D sound function in conjunction with 3D auto contrast function adds a cinematic splash to TV with a mighty voice and depth enhancement of 3D images.

Other features that stand out are Smart Hub for accessing a spectrum of apps, All share for connecting to devices over wireless connection for multimedia sharing, Anynet multifunction remote control service, HD tuner and Connect Share for loading media from USB. Samsung UN40D6300 comes at a highly competitive price for the stupendous features it offers.

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