Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The invincible beast

Overall, the Galaxy Note 4 has a very simple design that is appreciated but not end by noting. So, all Android smartphone followers are expecting something big from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. And something that missed Note 4 was the Galaxy S5 IP67 certification, which gives the same resistance to water and dust, one really important feature that the Galaxy Note 4 is not incorporated.

Moreover, the overall performance and design of Note 4 was nice but still it suffered from few downsides, for example, one downside is that the camera protrudes slightly from the rear, something we have already seen in the new iPhone 6, and honestly we do not like.

samsung note 5

And finally, it is a little unpleasant when illuminated buttons to multitasking and Back, and the LED light stripes look panel design. In the section of display, here it is a clear winner; the screen Galaxy Note 4 is amazing. We must say that we do not consider ourselves fan of AMOLED panels but in this case, we must admit that it is amazing. Note 4, panel has a generous 5.7-inch Super AMOLED qHD with resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, which ultimately gives us a density of 515 pixels per inch.

It is perfect and ideal for consuming multimedia content, but also serve us well for productivity. The contrast provided by the equipment is spectacular, if we still had doubts and discomfort compared to AMOLED panels used these were forgotten when the Note 4. The color fidelity, quality outdoors in full sun (yes, summer is coming) and viewing angles are truly amazing. The Note 4 passes without any proof of quality problem as regards your screen. As discussed, the few downsides would be covered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date this year but if Samsung won’t work on them then definitely it would have to suffer.

Perhaps something that can improve Samsung, and yes you can, is the “Adaptive Display,” which looks to place work in certain applications, and usually overwhelm a little more than normal in some games and applications. It is not that bug, nor note as previous versions of AMOLED but it is something you can change, we can even bet that is a matter of software. If you opt for automatic these problems will be less visible and even not see them.

Now, the big question, is there any difference on QHD screen in front of a panel FHD? Yes and no. While there are still many applications that do not take advantage of this panel does not mean that you cannot. A study by Clark Vision, man can be seen until a little more than 500 pixels per inch. Nor it is that you get to look for a panel and pixels on your mobile, the density can also help deliver sharper images, especially if you’re the kind that reads PDF at college or a book while traveling by bus. So, Note 4 is a great companion and Galaxy Note 5 is ready to follow the same road.


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