Responsive Design Changes Sports Betting Industry

Gone are days when you’d see people crowding their local bookmakers for placing a bet. With the growth in technology, a new dimension has been added to sports betting practices. Today, people can focus on placing their bets through an online sportsbooks. Moreover, the incorporation of responsive design has taken the entire online betting experience to a whole new level.


Make your bet any time with any device. Responsive design has taken the sports betting industry by storm. Responsive betting platforms like that of  industry leader Linesmaker, allow users to optimize their betting experience as per their device. One doesn’t have to install any software or shuffle through websites depending on their device.

Users get a comprehensive & in-depth live statistics and reviews for all top leagues and tournaments. From lineup to fixtures, team and player stats, members can monitor multi-match statistics on their mobile devices with effortless ease.  In a sense, responsive design truly boosts a website’s attractiveness.

Linesmaker, a leader in sports betting offers a flexible and responsive design that can be perfectly customized for end-user. Members can:

  • Increase their winning, by providing truly entertaining live wagering content.
  • Enjoy updated odds on their favorite matchups.
  • Compare performances of players, and determine their wager based on the live betting trends.

Many reputed sports betting websites offer members a provision for hedging bets on live, in-play events. This comes handy for those who wish to lengthen or shorten their odds during a match. Additionally, unlike traditional methods of betting, members can explore more in-game options as well.

Responsive design offers instant access to latest sports betting odds on your favorite Smartphone or tablet. This means you can stay right in the middle of the action every time, and place your bet whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

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