Remove Custom And Valuable Products For Auto Transport

While getting your vehicle transported you do not ever want to receive a damaged car from the inside. This can be avoided when you remove all the valuable, movable, custom and personal belongings for the interior, glove compartment as well as the trunk.

Such removal is required as during the transit your car may be loaded and unloaded several times for inspection, and therefore you will have to keep it unlocked.

Remove The Valuables

You should remove all the valuables and customized products to reduce the risk of theft as well. Such products include custom stereos, TVs and GPS Systems, after-market video and DVD players, radio faceplates, detachable CD players.

You can ship these items separately. There should not be any personal items in the car as well because the car shipping company is only responsible for the car transport and not your personal belongings for which you will require a separate mover.

Reduce The Damage

Apart from the risk of theft and tangible damage caused by the car, removal of personal items is necessary due to another specific purpose. The automotive transporter’s insurance will not cover for the damage to any personal belongings inside your car as these may shift and move and cause damage to the car and the insurance provider may deny paying for it.

Such items may also cause damage to other vehicles or the truck itself for which you will be held responsible. Lastly, with an increased weight of the car, the price factor and speed of delivery will also vary.

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