Relationships – What it is All About?

Relationships and love making is one or the other way of expressing love among the married couples and loving partners. Love making plays an important role and can be a very delicate matter in ones marriage life. It has the power which the words don’t have. It can win each other’s heart when the married couples are just feeling apart from each other.


Wife and husband can best express their feelings of love towards each other by “Love making” more than simply the “words”.

It is a perfect saying that Love is not DONE but it HAPPENS. If you believe in this saying you should also have to believe that this love is an art that all people cannot perform well and accurately. Similarly love making is other form of love which many cannot perform well. Love making plays an important role to keep relationships young, beautiful and alive forever.

Many believe that ‘love making is only love and many say vice versa that ‘love is only love making’. Different people expresses their feelings of love making in different words but the conclusion is only one that love making is a part of feelings, emotions and an action which describes the love in human beings toward each other.

Love making is differently expressed for men and women. Law of love making says man loves woman only for love making and differently woman agrees for love making to get the love of a man.

But far from all these it is true that “love making is a part of love, but not love is a part of love making…..”

Now it will not be wrong to say that love making is a part of life and makes the life a better place to live in for the living beings. Love making is not only a play of the two bodies, but it has a lot of feelings and emotions deep from the heart compiled in it, for human beings.

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