Paradigm Shirts: Introducing AirDye Technology for Safeguarding Environment

The latest waterless printing and dyeing method are much popular for safeguarding environment. Whenever people are in lookout for 100% ethical and responsible clothing line, they have come to the right spot.

Other than using polyester from recycled plastic bottles and avoiding PVC and BPA completely, there is another facility, which makes this clothing line simply the best. Only tees are made just to make it more appropriate for the sexes.

Buyers have the right to choose color and design from the wide range of clothing options. Comfort is the primary note to consider. However, for adding that style to existing comfort, waterless dyeing technique is used.

People will be amazed to know that with AirDye technology, they can save 95% of water and 84% of greenhouse gases. Not only that, it can further be used for saving 86% of energy, when compared to the traditional dyeing and printing technology.

As the manufacturers at believe in safety first, therefore; no hazardous materials, water, toxins or PVC are used for manufacturing the items. Therefore, wearing Paradigm Shirts will not just safeguard health of the wearer but that of the environment, as well.

AirDye is mainly a cost-effective and revolutionary sustainable technology, known for offering water-free printing and dyeing on textiles. This is made out of multiple proprietary technologies, which are used for making custom coloration and can make printing effective and easy.

It helps in solving the modern day based problems of using excessive water and polluting water bodies just for the sake of enhancing style. Through this method, manufacturing units can safeguard style but without hampering the environment.

This method offers customers with responsible method for printing or coloring fabrics. Recent studies have indicated that around 20% of industrial pollution comes from textile treatment and coloring. So, to avoid that completely, AirDye seems to be the perfect opportunity to consider.

They are organizing a global Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on September 5th. And their 9 designs will be available as rewards. The funds which were raised will be creatively used to launch the production of the t-shirts and to grow their brand powerful with exciting new products. These are for the welfare of society and nature.

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