Orthodontic Treatment And Teeth Extraction

There have been a lot of argument about non extraction and extraction treatment plans in orthodontics. The debate has taken place over a century and will possibly go on in the coming future.

However you do have some real reasons recommended by the Orthodontist of today that suggest that extract of teeth is important.

Presently, a number of orthodontist go for non-extraction treatment program and then extract the teeth when confronted with the below mentioned clinical issues:

Severe Crowding- tooth mass

Severe crowding is the simplest condition to find out. In a developing patient, it can be manifested with suffering canines or incisors. In most of these conditions, they are tooth replacement because there isn’t sufficient place for the teeth to emerge.

Bimaxillary dentoalveloar protrusion

This has become quite common and acceptable in the present aesthetic and functional life. By taking a look at the fashion magazines and celebs, this look is highly desirable. However, if someone has too protrusive teeth, only extract of the teeth remains the best possible solution for orthodontic to get rid of this problem.

Camouflage procedure and skeletal disharmony treatment

In adults and older people, i.e. non-growing patients, the premolar extraction is the only mechanotherapy that can precise maxillary protrusion by withdrawing or extracting the maxillary incisors. Along with it, patients with normal crowding as well as Class II obstructions are easily treated with the withdrawal of four bicuspids to get rid of this issue.

Usually the Class III Mandibular prognathous is considered as a surgical matter, and the same is said about Class II Mandibular retrognathic patient. Teeth extraction and withdrawal of the incisors in the Class II mandibular retrognath can cause future health problem in some patients.

Lastly, there are some cases where an orthodontist can go for teeth extraction in a surgical instance to permit the decompensating of the incisors or to extract as a necessity for the SARPE (surgically assisted expansion), the next surgical process.

Efficacy of the Treatment

In a number of cases, it may be beneficial for the patient to get the bicuspids extracted instead of going for the non-extraction treatment procedure. Orthodontic Treatment Teeth Extraction makes space by distalizing molar, widening incisors and enhancing arches.

Even after doing all these three procedures, some patients do not respond well to the non-extraction treatment. And even if you make enough for the bicuspids, the non-extraction mechanics make take months or years to perform.

You have a number of reasons why orthodontists recommend teeth extraction in patients. It may also depend on the treatment objectives and philosophy of your chosen orthodontist. However, it is very important for every orthodontist to understand the reasons for the different treatment procedures for the different patients.

Cautious diagnosis and right treatment plan of every patient with specific problems calls for an individualized plan from an orthodontist. It is very important to include the patient in his planning stages. Once the orthodontist sets an individual objective for every case, you get the best occlusion for every patient.

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