Opossum Control And Removal

There are a number of things that make opossums unique; they are the only marsupials that are found in North America; the female has a pouch where it carries around 13 young ones from when they are born for nourishment. Opossums are omnivorous which means that they will eat everything from carrion to garbage. While opossums are slow, they are excellent climbers and will easily make their way to attics but they can also live under sheds or decks. They are nocturnal animals that have a powerful immune system and can live to be up to three years of age.

opossum removal

The main concern that opossum removal experts hear from people is that these animal are a nuisance. They can take up residence under a shed or porch and they collect lots of garbage, they steal pet food and they even harass house pets and once they take up residence in your attic, you can be sure that they will have gotten inside your home. When opossums colonize your attic they will leave a thoroughly messy place, what with their large smelly droppings and the fact that they also carry parasites and spread diseases in addition to the strong odor they carry around. You can only hire an opossum removal expert to help you deal with the mess of having them within your home.

Even though other wild animals have several ways of dealing with them, there is only one way to deal with opossum removal which is trapping and removal. Opossums are easy to catch and the trappers normally use raccoon size traps in areas such as where they frequent. Opossums and scavengers and opportunistic feeders; you need to be an expert opossum removal technician so you can avoid trapping non-target animals. The truth is that wildlife removal service is a complicated exercise unlike what most people think; this is in addition to there being legal concerns since it is against the law to catch an opossum by hand and remove or relocate it in most states.

Opossums may look like a fierce large rat that has close to 50 teeth in their mouths; while they may not be particularly aggressive, just like most other animals, they will defend themselves if they feel cornered. It is, therefore, important to dissuade your pet from going after them; take note also that they can spread diseases through their droppings. Opossum prevention is the best way to deal with them and this can be achieved by ensuring that your yard is kept clean and that there are no holes anywhere that they can use to enter your attic. If you have already been invaded by them, there are animal removal company that can save your house from further damage by trapping and remove them from your property.

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