Offshore Exploration In Senegal By Elenilto

Elenilto is one of the leading oil, minerals and gas organizations that operate in various nations around the world.They are also popular as the leading developer of offshore and onshore oil blocks, coal, iron ore and coal and various other minerals project in different countries of Europe and Africa. However, the main region of their operations is in different nations of West Africa where they are engaged in developing various large scale projects.

EleniltoManages offshore block

Being a leading organization, it controls an offshore block in Senegal.Interestingly, this large block occupies more than 8000 square km of land. A study on reprocessed 2D seismic and Wells reveal the fact that more than 1.5 billion barrels of oil is expected to process from this block. However, more than half of this source is in first primacy that is allied with shallow water salt arenas along with deeper water layer edge traps.

Future plan

Interestingly, Elenilto has chosen two distinct areas of target that covers the first primacy shallow water salt arenas leads along with the deeper water layer edge projections for future exploration. According to a reliable source, it is evident that this organizationis planning to start a survey of 3-D Seismic on more than 1400 square km of area in the next upcoming months.

Investment in Senegal

It is worth to mention in this context that Senegal has paid attention to increase global exploration interest that targets offshore diagnoses equivalents with those identified in SOSSB of Elenilto. Cairn Energy, a consortium of Far, and ConocoPhillips are recently involved in drilling turbidite slope projectionsand shelf edge in the location, located in almost hundred kilometers north of SOSSB. On the other hand, Svenska and Oryx are planning off drilling shallow water salt arenas leads in the place located between 25 km and 75 km of SOSSB.

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