New homeowner lists- effective way of marketing

As a business owner, you need to stay in touch with your customers. Constant communication is the only way to increase traffic to your stores and draw the attention of your target customers hence increasing your market positioning. An SMS can be used to meet a wide range of goals. You can use it to announce new arrivals, to advertise existing products, to inform customers about current offers and discounts, to create awareness about your brand, or to notify your customers about relocation. Either way, it is the most convenient way to promote your brand and engage your customers and it comes under new homeowner lists marketing technique.

new homeownerAn SMS is the fastest way to reach out to your clients. It is hard for people to ignore a message, even in the middle of a meeting! People can ignore email messages and phone calls, but an SMS cannot just wait. Consider this: 80 per cent of phone users carry their phones everywhere. Out of all phone users, 94 per cent read SMS adverts. This is just how effective the SMS service is. This means that for every 100 messages you send, 94 people will learn about your brand, as well as get timely information on special offers and new products available at your stores. Thus this is the effective way of new homeowner lists marketing that is getting the list of consumers and using the phone numbers of these customers from the list to promote the products among the customers.

All the numbers in your distribution list belong to your loyal customers, or people who were once your customers. The recipients of your SMS messages are people you have done business with, and so you do not have to worry about their relevance to your business because they are connected with you through new homeowner lists.

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