New Book Raises Awareness About Drug Addiction, Recovery, and More

There are some books out there that are powerful and that touch the lives of those who pick them up. Such books should be around for everyone who wants to read them and they should be available to the public. There is a new book that has been written, something that tells a personal story in a powerful way. This book tells of drug addiction, and it is something that could change lives. This open and honest book has been written by someone who knows what it is like to struggle with drug addiction, someone who can show others that there is hope for recovery.

Moment of Surrender

Moment of Surrender is a book that tells about all that goes along with drug addiction and withdrawal. This book shares about the experiences of a real individual. This book shares about the journey to recovery and how that worked out for one real person. When a book is about someone who is real, someone who has been through a lot and who is now willing to talk about it, that book can touch lives in a big way. Moment of Surrender is something that could change the world for the better, something that could touch those who read it.

Raising awareness in regard to the realness of drug addiction and the struggle that it is to recover is important, and Moment of Surrender helps to raise that kind of awareness. Those who would like to support the author of this book and help her to get the book out to those who need to read it will find that they can do just that through the Kickstarter campaign that is going on. Those who give will be able to help this powerful book take off and reach the kind of audience that it is meant to reach

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