Meir Ezra On this Genius Tour Gave a Lesson Of The Lifetime

Who does not know the world famous and multi-talented entrepreneur, Meir Ezra? Right from the one of its kind data dictionary editor named ‘Addicted’, fleet management systems to revolutionary and advanced fueling system ‘FuelSafe’ and TimeMaker’s amazing computer application with Organizational Resource Planning add-on, he has been a pioneer in a wide range of fields. He is not only committed to his businesses, but he is also a committed and dedicated father and husband. He is the perfect example of a perfect human being.

Meir EzraAt the Genius Tour

In the year 2014, on a tour named Genius Tour, he addressed a large number of people in a 2-day seminar. With his fun filled and informational and inspirational presentation, he has won many hearts. His accent reflects that he is an Israeli. The ideas he shared with the people present in the seminar were stand alone and need your time to get absorbed. At the seminar he gave the real and simple meanings of the words that are frequently used, but are never considered deeply. You will be amazed to learn them and feel within that ‘Meir Ezra, you are really a genius.

Go beyond the literal meanings

Mr. Meir Ezra began with the meaning of truth. According to him, accurate place, time, event and form does not include continuation. However, a lie is the contrary to place, time, event and form. Also, it continues. He also told that – you (all human beings) are out best and worst judge. When you do something that you shouldn’t have, you feel bad, even if you don’t let it get expressed. Similarly, when you do something good, you feel glad. He also mentioned the words defined in the first dictionary that was scripted by Webster for empowering people to know various words. This bestow them with power and they will not be cheated upon.

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