Learn more about gas water heater troubleshooting

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Water heater troubleshooting means to find out why the hot water is not coming out. Various gas water heater troubleshooting methods are explained below:

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  • If there is no hot water coming out, then check out if the pilot light is on. If the pilot light is not on, then the valve would not allow the gas to get delivered.
  • If the water coming out is not enough, then the vent could be clogged and this would need to be cleared. Or, the thermostat could be defective. Another problem could be the dip tube.
  • If the pilot light is not on, then probably the gas valve is defective as it does not allow the gas to go to burner and light up the pilot. And, if the problem is that the pilot does not remain lit, then the problem could be the clogged vent and this might need to be cleared.
  • If the water coming out is too hot or the burner does not remain lit, then the problem could be with the thermostat.
  • If the water heater that you have produces rusty colored water, then it could be because of corrosion inside the glass lined tank. Also, another possible reason could be that the Anode rod inside could be dissolving and failing. In such cases, the gas water heater troubleshooting steps for you would be to replace the sacrificial anode rod. And, this could be replaced with the Magnesium Anode rod. These rods are easily available in the plumbing stores.
  • If there is a leakage in the pressure relief valve, then the valve will need to be cleaned up or replaced.
  • And, if the water heater is leaking, then you could be in for a big problem. You might need to identify the hole and repair it or get it fixed.

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