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So, you want to donate your Mac to your school friend or school library or just planning to sell it and get some bucks in your pocket. But can you be sure enough that all your erased information has permanently got deleted? After all, you have software which give you assurance of 100% retrieval of your lost data, even after it has been formatted. Thus, it is better to get ensured rather than take a chance.

AweEraser for Mac allows you to complete wipe out the data from your Mac, hard drive, memory card, USB drive, portable device and other storage device. The software gives you government and military level data erasure standards which give you 100% assurance that your private details can never get breached.

Services provided by AweEraser for Mac:

What’s really remarkable about AweEraser for Mac is that it offers plethora of erasure options depending on the need of the user. File Shredder permanently shred folders and files and provides complete guarantee of no recovery in the future. Wiper wipes the complete hard drive and makes it a perfect option to give away or sell without the fear of any kind of leakage from your hard device. Free Space Eraser erases all the info and data which has already been formatted or deleted from your Mac.

Powerful Uninstaller allows you uninstall the unwanted software and data in groups or one by one and clean the files. It helps in freeing disk space on your Mac. Privacy Cleaner helps in wiping out the traces of your online activities like passwords, cookies, caches, browser history and junk files.

Imagine if your completer data falls into any wrong hands? Can you really imagine the consequences? Well, AweEraser prevents you from falling into such problems. It is a flexible and reliable data erasure program which can help in permanently wiping out all your private info from your computer before you plan to resell, donate, dispose or lend it to someone else, beyond any recovery means.

It has high level government and military erasure standards which makes it 100% efficient and prevents it from causing any damage or shortening the life of your device. All in all, it is a 100% means to erase your data from Mac permanently and move on to a new device without worrying. So, just permanently erase data on Mac and enjoy a relaxed and new Mac computer or another device.

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