Know About The Components Of An Electronic Cigarette

The cartridge functions as a reservoir for storing the liquid nicotine as well as the mouthpiece for the user. It has an opening for the liquid to enter into the atomiser and when converted into the vapour form, takes it to the user’s mouth avoiding the liquid to escape into the mouth. Certain models make use of sponge to withhold the liquid from going into the mouth of the user whereas some drip the liquid nicotine directly on the atomiser. This method is called ‘dripping’.

Electronic Cigarette

The Functions Of The Atomiser

The atomiser vapourizes the liquid nicotine for the user. It consists of a small heating coil consisting of a thread and a silica wick that draws the liquid in. It is placed in the centre of the battery and the nicotine cartridge, thus completing the electronic cigarette refills. It may lose efficiency over a period of time and may also need replacement.

A Magnet Adaptor For The E-Cig

A magnet adaptor is used to combine the atomiser with the battery of the e-cig. These allow the use of e-cig batteries with other atomisers.

The Battery Of The Electronic Cigarette

The largest component of the e-cigs is the battery that consists of a lithium-ion battery that can also be recharged, when need be. The battery is equipped with an airflow sensor that activates the moment user draws breathe through the e-cig. An LED light is attached to the front of the cigarette to announce activation.

The Nicotine Liquid

The nicotine liquid comes in a variety of strengths from the users. It is basically a flavoured e-solution or an e-juice that consists of some quantity of nicotine mixed in propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and polyethylene glycol 400. The nicotine concentration comes in a cartridge and varies in strength.

The benefits of smoking an e-cigarette are still under scrutiny and a point of debate for researchers and the various health organisations. The use of e-cig is relatively new to the market hence; very less data are available on their testing. Nevertheless, the electronic cigarettes have become a popular choice for the people and preferred by the smokers worldwide.

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