Kickstarter Campaign for Short Story Collection

Every author deserves to have the chance to share their writing with the world, and each other speaks to a different audience. There are some out there who write for those who want to read happy stories of good things happening and all that can go right in the world. There are some who write stories that are extremely long and that take weeks to read. There are some who write short stories that are dark and different. Falling Into Place: An Anthology of Short Stories was written by someone who had some dark and twisted ideas that he wanted to turn into entertainment.

Falling Into Place

Falling Into Place: An Anthology of Short Stories is a collection of short stories that are dark, stories that were written for those who are not seeking something happy and fun to read but who would prefer something a little different. These stories were written in a way that helps them to be set apart from other books that are out there. Those who enjoy reading short stories and who are looking to read something from a new author will find that this collection of short stories will keep them entertained. This collection of short stories is great for anyone who is looking to check out a new author.

When an author has ideas for stories but does not have a publishing house that is going to be fully backing them up in regard to what they are writing, such an author needs help. There is a kickstarter campaign going on that is seeking to raise the money that is needed to getFalling Into Place: An Anthology of Short Stories out and to allow everyone to read that book. This campaign will help to get a new author into the spotlight and allow him to have the chance to succeed.

You can support this project and join them at:

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