Important Tips to Catch Fish In A River

If you love fishing, then there are few tips for catch fish in a river you need to keep in mind before you go ahead with fishing:

Learn the flow of water, with the help of understanding water flow you will be able to gain better catch as there are chances of fish in this space due to oxygen supply.

The next important part is to analyze the direction of wind, by understanding this you will know whether to use stick or waggler float fishing method.

Never do anything to easily spook the fish. Make sure you never leave float showing as this could run down the peg a long way.

By this way you are also stopping the flow, and at times it could be even shallow making your catch tough.

Do not get too shallow feeding. The chub comes above the feeding and throwing your putt too deep may not give you the best catch. To begin with, start with only feeding half the pouch and then get into feeding the complete packet. Never peg food as early as it might be too early for you to finish food and then sitting idle while the actual catch might happen late.

Check the flow of water coming from reel spool with your fingertip. This will help you to understand if water is clear or not. In case of clear water, then it can offer you with good catch for your day. On these days the bread you throw in water can have easy and quick catch dumping your bin easily.

In case if you do not have clear water then it might be tough to get your catch. But you can overcome this trouble with the help of bait dropper. This will clear water for you while also feeding fish underneath. Once water is clear, you can drop your bread and go with catching fish.

At times it is also possible that you might catch fish which you never thought even existed, for this you can try to lash out the last few peg while swapping it with bigger or other fish in river.

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