Importance Of IT Communication System For A Company At International Level

Communication plays an important role in any organization and especially if you are planning to take it at international level. With proper communication, things can be carried out in more organized way and above all it will remove barrier of gap and misunderstandings. But, in today’s technological era communication can be done with help of IT system which are effective and easy to operate.

A well planned and proper system enables successful transmission of any thought and idea or other information among group of individuals. The person from whom any information or idea is originated that person is known as sender while the person who receives that information from sender is known as receiver or recipient. Overall, with help of communication system information flows freely between both parties that is between the receiver and the sender.

Information can be reached to other party with help of machines. Most of the communication machines are coupled with numerous networks which provide signal to individuals for response. Thus, in order to have effective and flexible communication IT systems play a vital role. For this purpose, it is must that all the systems and machines should work on similar patterns and lines; they should be compatible technically and moreover can provide information, such that individuals can decode information easily.

Different types of IT systems for communicating information – IT systems which are used for communicating with other parties can be single way, double way and multiple ways depending on needs and requirements of the company. Following are some of the best, effective and durable communication system which companies can prefer.

Optical communicating system – The meaning of word optical is light and as the name says optical communication system, this system uses light for communicating with each other. In this system, transmitter plays an important role as it help in converting information in optical signal and then signal reaches to recipient. After this, the receiver encodes signal and responds accordingly. In this system light is fully responsible for sharing or transmission of information.

Duplex communication system – In this type of communication system two different equipments can easily communicate with one another in any direction simultaneously, that’s why this system is known as Duplex. In this system, sender sends signals to receiver and when signal is received the receiver give his or her valuable feedback to speaker for responding him. Therefore, communication basically takes place between receiver and sender simultaneously. Overall, in Duplex communication system, two devices communicate at the same time with each other.

Power line communication system – This system is used for transmitting data and information electronically from single source or multiple sources and assures that information will be reached to its destination. One of the greatest examples of this type of IT system is cable television, which is well known for transmitting a plethora of channels from one home to another and in addition it can also be used for internet access. Power line communication system is used mostly as it is available at relatively low cost; however there are many other systems which surpass them in terms of efficiency and quality.

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