Ignore That Roof At Your Own Risk

While most homeowners agree that roof cleaning is an important part of the roof maintenance schedule, there many of them who are genuinely concede that pressure roof cleaning could damage their roofs; they believe that the hard water jet will loosen or damage the shingles and make them porous and vulnerable to the sun and the rain. This is a valid concern because there are roof cleaning contractors who are not trained and they use any means possible to remove dirt from the roof. This is a delicate task that requires a great amount of experience for the desired results to be achieved; you must therefore ask your contractor to use no pressure roof cleaning and have proof that they actually use the right method.

roof cleaning

You need to consult widely so that you are sure the person that you are going to hire is the right person; since there are different types of roofing materials, a trained roof cleaning expert knows what amount of water pressure is strong enough to remove dirt and debris without damaging the roof. When the right amount of pressure is applied during roof pressure wash and the correct cleaning solution used, the jet will neither be too strong nor too weak and as a result, your roof will be cleaned effectively. There are many good reasons why you should always insist on no pressure roof cleaning that include the following:

Increase the roof’s lifespan: Remember that the ugly black streak that makes most homeowners consider roof cleaning is not simply a cosmetic issue; those are little living plants that will over time eat away eat away at the base of the shingles loosening their foundation so that you are left with a roof that is porous and vulnerable to water damage. While the normal life expectancy of asphalt shingles is 25 years, you will be very lucky to get 15 years without roof cleaning.

Increase the value of your property: More than 40 percent of the curb appeal of a house comes from the roof; a diligent buyer’s suspicion is raised within 3 seconds of seeing a stained and dirty roof; this sends all the wrong signals and eventually reduces the chances that you will get a buyer or get paid the correct value for your home when you choose to sell it. A regular no pressure roof cleaning is what you need to avoid this eventuality.

Reduce energy costs: When there is dirt, dust, leaves, moss, algae, lichen and fungi on your roof you have a combination of elements that will absorb heat from the sun because of the characteristic black pigmentation. This prevents the granules from doing their work and raises temperatures so that you spend more money on air conditioning bills simple because you failed to perform a roof pressure wash.

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