How to find out if you can get 4G in your area

By now, we’ve all heard about the wonders of 4G, the next generation mobile network. It promises incredible speeds and will revolutionise the way we get online on the move – but only if you can actually access it in your area.

The rollout of 4G, started by the mobile network operator EE back in October 2012, is an ongoing process, which means that not everyone will be able to access it yet. Users of EE 4G mobile phones are the best off at the moment, as the operator’s network now extends to 117 towns and cities and even reaches many rural areas. Vodafone and O2, along with Three, are also in the process of launching and rolling out their own 4G services, but only a handful of major cities have actually seen 4G go live so far.

4g in your area

If you live in London, the chances are that you will be definitely be able to access superfast 4G mobile broadband from one network or another. The nation’s capital is a key focus for mobile operators, particularly because of London’s status as a business capital. If you live in another large town or city, you should also be connected to 4G.

The way to find out for sure before you start looking for a 4G-ready iPhone for sale (hint: the iPhone 5, 5s and 5C are the only models compatible with 4G) is to head to your chosen network’s website and use their coverage checker tool. If your postcode isn’t yet on their list, find out when it will be or try another network.

Before opting for 4G services ensure that the company chosen offers wireless 4G services or not. AFTER ALL 4G network works best if one desires to have splendid wireless capabilities. The serice providers that do not render services may offer a particular kind of router for wireless accessibility.

With the help of the router, clients can access 4G services particularly at home. the wires 4G services render True mobility which helps one to use laptops all around the city. Most of the 4G service providers offer citywide but it is better to check out the coverage area before opting for the services. It is utmost necessary to ensure that the service provider renders services in that particular area where one lives.

4G services are new and hence they are not available in each and every area of the world. In order to know the accessibility of 4G network one can choose to visit websites of topmost service providers in order see when 4G service is going to make impact in that particular area. It is needless to say that as a particular network progresses, it is likely to be available in more and more places. With increasing demand and popularity more cities will be able to access 4G network in short span of time. Along with the coverage area it is necessary to check that what kind of internet plans does the company offers.

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