How To Find A Water Leak

A water leak can be disastrous; it can ruin your belongings as well as the structure of your home. Leaks of any kind need immediate attention to prevent major damage. This said, finding a competent plumber to deal with such repairs is an equally difficult task and some basic knowledge of plumbing goes a long way in such situations. Every home also needs a good tool kit to deal with minor repairs before homeowners can call in the experts.

Water Leak

Common Problems With Plumbing In A Home

Modern day plumbing is much more efficient and easier to maintain. The pipes are made of PVC and fittings are designed for wear and tear. However, leaks occur for different reasons and timely detection and restoration is what makes the difference.

The best way to find leaks in taps, pipes and faucets is to look for visible signs of water. Sound of dripping water and reduced pressure in the taps is another sign of a leak. The best way to detect a leaky faucet is to use a food-coloring test. Add some food color to the water in the tank and shut off the outlet valve. If colored water still appears it shows the faucet needs replacement.

Apart from these simple problems, leaks can occur in concealed pipes, in walls and floors that can go unnoticed for a long time. The only way to detect such leaks is from wet patches, which may or may not occur. Such situations can be tricky and need professional help. Homeowners need to systematically check on plumbing in their homes for such leaks. The first and foremost warning sign is the utility bill.

An unexplained increase is something that needs to be looked into seriously. Apart from checking all the visible areas for leaks, the main inlet valve to the home needs to be closed at a time when there is no water usage, probably, the last thing at night. Noting the meter reading then and again first thing in the morning before using water will help detect a leak. A change in reading when there has been no water consumption definitely shows there is a leak around the home.

Leak Detection in Concealed Pipes

This needs professional help and specialized equipment. A good plumbing company will need to be assigned this job of leak detection and restoration. They use thermal imaging, sound magnification, tracer gas detection techniques etc to find out leaks in pipes concealed in walls and floors. With the help of such equipment it is easily possible to not only detect the location but even and approximate size of the leak and the kind of repairs required. With such professional services it is possible to detect traces of moisture and remove it completely with the help of specialized driers as well. This goes a long way in protecting the home from mold and mildew.

Plumbing repairs can be attempted personally with the help of a good tool kit and some spares. Every home must have a toolbox with a pipe wrench, hand auger, waterproofing materials and adhesives. Every homeowner must have contact details of skilled technicians, including plumbers to take on different kinds of emergency repairs.

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