Hollywood Forever Movies and Cemetery

When was the last time you set your foot in a cemetery? Of course when there was a death in a family or friends or you were visiting a cemetery to place flowers. Not just you, but this is how all the people in western society goes and does their rituals in the cemeteries.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did it ever cross your mind that that these plots and grounds with stone monuments can turn out to be actually fun and become unusual sources of entertainment? Yes, you heard it right there are many such events in LA which are unusual source of entertainment for people residing here.

Did you know that at any given weekend Hollywood outdoor cemetery in Santa Monica Blvd, California where you can see Hollywood forever movies i.e. classic movies here during the summer.

Just drive by the gates of this popular landmark and you can witness this enormous gathering of people not just locally, but neighbouring towns with their picnic baskets, beach chairs and bottles of wine are lined up on the street waiting to walk through the Hollywood outdoor cemetery to watch movies on the sides of mausoleum.

A wide-ranging of crowd from gothic to artistic or families with multiple generations visit here to enjoy the camaraderie and scenery. These weekly events in LA have become so famous that if you do not arrive prior 2 hours to the opening, you might fail to get the seat here. Apart from watching classic movies, there is another great experience to share that is Day of the Dead Celebration or Dia De La Muerta at the Hollywood outdoor cemetery.

On this day, Hollywood forever movies open its gates to the families to decorate the graves with traditional Mexican style and have a unique celebration. Traditional beverages and food tent is set up to serve for the visitors and travelers to sample the ultimate, mouth-watering cuisines.

People enjoy their time watching various performers and dancers performance on the stages set up around the place. This is only 2 day evening event where there are more than million people visit to be the part of this spectacle.

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