HCG Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

HCG is nothing but the human chorionic gonadotropin which is found during the pregnancy in every woman. Apart from this, HCG is used in the fertility treatments. These are the common things where the HCG is used. But recently there has been an increased use of HCG as a weight loss aid. There are many products that claim to reduce weight in individuals who are administered with an additional dosage of HCG shots.

HCG diet

Rapid Weight loss:

This is what expected from the people who start with HCG diet. This diet is comprised of very low calorie intake which is not above 800 calories per day. This is very less when compared to other forms of weight loss diet. The normal recommended intake of a person should be above 1800 Kcal for a normal healthy woman and more than 2000 Kcal for normal healthy man. With the diet only, a person is restricting of about 1000 calories per day.

Is there any nutritional loss?

This is the very important part of the HCG diet. There are many chances of developing weakness with this form of diet. Even a sedentary worker would require certain minimum calories per day which is mentioned above. The diet should be properly planned by a nutrition expert to meet the minimum nutritional requirement. It is found that it is very difficult to meet the normal nutritional standards with this number of calories.

So when the HCG diet is properly followed after consulting a physician and nutrition expert there are minimum chances of nutritional loss. Weight gain will also be then healthy. But it is always better to get proper physician advice and follow a regime. But still there are certain discussions going on whether the weight loss is because of HCG shots or lower calorie diet as the HCG diet entirely does not depend on the HCG shots.

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