Go Through Different Phases Of Card Fight To Emerge As A Winner

There are different phases in a card game which you need to go through to emerge as a winner. All these turning phases are required to be undergone by each player during respective turns which shall decide the winner. You have to arrange your cards in the standing phase and then move on to the next draw stage.

It after this that you can enter the ride phase which may have different sub-steps as well which you need to follow one at a time until you reach to the main phase.

Prepare For The Battle

It is in the main phase that you prepare yourself for the battle with your abilities and using your playing units as well. Calling and arranging your units strategically you can declare that you are ready to enter the battle phase.

From starting to the finishing of the battle, there are some steps once again that you need to follow. Follow the instructions for guarding as well as attacking your opponent or to move to a new unit.

Drive And Damage

You may also have the ability to drive check in your cardfightvanguard.com.au card game and resolve all of them one by one. Make sure that you follow all the requirements to arrive at the climax of the game which is creating damage.

Check whether the unit will be hit, how much damage will be caused, compare the power of attacking and much more for effective damage creation and control. Do it all strategically to arrive at the close step and to the end phase of the card fight game.

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