Fixing a Broken Garbage Disposal

In today’s society a garbage disposal is just one of many kitchen appliances found in the home that the homeowner feels necessary.  It is great to get rid of leftovers and draining unused foods that would just collect in the trash bags and leaves a nasty smell in the air.  A garbage disposal consists of many different parts such as a flywheel, drainpipe, impellers, and motor.  These are the parts that make up the garbage disposal.

garbage disposal repair

The flywheel is attached to the impellers and the motor makes the flywheel move.  The impellers are what break the discarded food into little particles that gets flushed down with water into the drainpipe.  Garbage disposal repair is very simple.  You should always make sure that the electricity is turned off to the garbage disposal before you start working on it so it cannot accidentally be turned on.

If your garbage disposal quits working, there are several things that could have caused it to quit.

  • Leakage—this is a problem that is quite common. Put a hand on various parts of your disposal to see if you can feel any water and if the garbage disposal  is leaking from the bottom, the seal that is found at the flywheel will have to be replaced.  To do this garbage disposal repair disengage it from the drain, replace the seal, and then put it back together.
  • Flywheel stuck—if the flywheel becomes stuck, it can result in the motor overheating. Using a hex wrench, insert it in the hex hole and rotate the flywheel in both directions.  If there is no hex hole you could put the wooden broom handle into the drain hole to move the impellers in both directions, resulting in the flywheel turning.
  • Worn impellers—because they are involved continuously in the crushing of food they can gradually wear out and can cause the motor to overheat. You will either have to sharpen them or replace them.  For this garbage disposal repair you will have to disengage the disposal and take off all the fittings.  You can just twist the garbage disposal to remove it from the support ring.  Loosen the nut on the flywheel to disengage it.  Look at the impellers to see if sharpening them would fix the problem or if you will need to replace them.
  • Clogged drainpipe—the drainpipe can become clogged due to the type of food thrown into the unit. It is easy to fix this garbage disposal repair by using drain cleaner.  If this does not work, you will have to take it apart and remove any blockage.

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