Consumer Advocation is for protecting customer rights

These days, there are many rights and laws for protecting the customer rights. And, this is known as the consumer advocation. It is a group of organizations and laws which are designed in a way that they will ensure the rights of customers are protected.

 What does consumer advocation entail?

This entails that there is always fair trade competition and only truthful information flows in the marketplace. So, with the help of consumer advocation, the businesses are prevented from engaging in fraud and unfair practices.

They can also not gain advantage over the competitors. Additional protection to the weak is also given.

These laws are a kind of government regulation, through which the customer’s rights are protected. So, sometimes, the Government may ask the business to reveal information about its products. This is done with products like food and when these products are related to safety of public and their health.

So, with the help of consumer advocation, the rights of consumers are protected and consumer organizations are formed which will help the people in making better choices. Customers can also raise complaints.

There are various organization which help in promoting customer protection like Ombudsmen, Federal Trade Commission, Better business bureaus etc. With the help of all these organizations, the customer’s rights and interests are protected.

The various rights that are protected include privacy rights, product liability, fraud, unfair business practices, misrepresentation and also interactions with consumers and business.

So, with the help of all these customer protection laws, frauds and scams can be prevented. And, the customers will get all the benefits of trading in a free and fair marketplace. They need not worry about being exploited and cheated. Also, the business will focus on giving priorities to customers and they will be discouraged from taking undue advantage of them.

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