Car Manual: Most Important Car Tool

A car’s owner manual is a book or booklet which contains safety, setup, maintenance, troubleshooting and warranty instructions related to that car. Earlier these manuals even contained very detailed repair information like circuit diagrams, but with the modern cars systems becoming extremely complex, a more generalized owner manual is available for the customer drivers. They also come in number of languages depending upon the country one bought the car in and might even contain a CD or DVD which has the same manual in digital format.

All Car Manuals serve one major purpose: to help drivers understand their car better. Since a vehicle is composed of a large number of components, it is not possible for one person to know ins and outs of every component. But knowing some of them can greatly increase one’s driving experience. One should know the most basic things like what PSI is needed in the tyres, which engine oil should be used and how much engine oil should be used, when is the right time to refill the brake oil or the coolant in the car.

Depending on the person’s curiosity, one can learn more things associated with more components. One should not blindly trust the service centre guys, at least know the basics of the service that one’s car is getting. A person who has thoroughly read his manual saves a ton of money at service centres than the person who has not. It is very common that mechanics at service centre ask for replacement of more number of parts than it is really necessary.

If one has good knowledge in advance about what parts needs to be changed and what parts can work still without being changed, then one can simply deny the mechanic’s recommendation of replacing unnecessary parts. However if one is not educated, he will definitely place a blindfolded trust in mechanic. All car manuals have special section dedicated to troubleshooting.

Sometimes the car might stop in the middle of road because of only a minor problem which the driver can also fix. Maybe the terminals of the batter gets lose or sulphur gets deposited on the terminal, it can also stop one’s car and leave him stranded. If one has owner’s manual and perfume a simple do it yourself task, one might surprisingly get out of a bad situation very easily so it is very important to have a car manual right next to dashboard.

One never knows when it might come in handy. Many a times fuse gets blown up and if one doesn’t even know where the fuse box is, how can one change it? In modern day cars, fuse box location can be tricky but with manual one can find it under just a minute. And since every car comes with extra fuse one can easily change it and get the car running in no time. One can easily download Honda factory workshop manuals free from is the leading website and contains a vast library of all car manuals be it any company or any year and has manuals of cars even dating back to 1950s.

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