Car Gadgets that Help You Focus

Your initial thought might be that there is something very wrong with this title. Gadgets are those tiny little electric things that are all practically a useless wasteof money, something we cannot use, or do not have time to use. After all, they are meant to have fun with and help you focus on something when your schedule clears up a bit and you find some free time. Therefore, gadgets have no place in the car where concentration is everything. Well, quite the contrary! In this sea of gadgets we are showered with, there are actuallya select few that help you focus while driving, and here they are, the four of them:



Distracted driving is still the top reason for car accidents in America, and it is only logical that this pertains to the rest of the world as well. Searching for your mobile through your pockets or purses, looking for that dial button and not looking at the road ahead of you – a very familiar situation, you will agree. And that split second where you take your eyes of the road could be the fatal one. Therefore, a car mobile holder positively resolves the matter. You will always know where your mobile phone is and when answering your calls or dialing numbers, your eyes will also see the road in front of you. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and whatever mood you are trying to set in your car, they could be your little dashboard helper.


Driving on a daily basis, not to mention long distance, can often be a tedious task. It is highly recommended that long-distance drivers take some kind of company with them to keep them awake, focused and alert during the trip. Family, friends, pets, colleagues on the CB… Car stereos have been regular additions to your dashboard since the early days of the car industry, and they are most often used to bring entertainment to the road. In time it became obvious that listening to music, or even better, listening to talk shows and audio books, helps drivers stay focused. Nowadays, the choice you have when investing in a car audio system is enormous. Radio, CD, USB, smartphone, satellite, you name it. And the prices are suited to anyone’s pocket.


Making calls while driving is allowed only if your hands are free and on the steering wheel at all times. A Bluetooth headset solves this problem, helping you concentrate on the road. If you generally have problems with in-ear headphones,you could always opt for Bluetooth headsets that feature speakerphones. Once again, if you plan on phoning while driving, a Bluetooth headset is obligatory.


How many times have you forgotten where certain street was, nervously looking around for a familiar turn,rather than concentrating on driving itself? Or better yet, how often have you found yourself completely and utterly lost in the middle of the night, with no passers-by to ask for directions? GPS navigation is a simple solution, it’s been around for a while.And be sure to check out the specialized ones that will notify you of empty parking spaces near you, which is very useful information that saves money.

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