Calculations Required While Setting 200 Foot Zip Lines

There are several precise calculations that you need to make while fixing the Zip Line Kits to gain maximum speed as well as move the maximum weight according to the specification of the kit.

You have to determine the distance to be travelled first considering the horizontal distance depending on the vertical drop values and the lowest point.

There are several calculators that are available where you can simply feed in the values and get the result or o it manually.

Determine The Acceleration

To get proper acceleration you would require having the proper slope of the 200 foot ziplines and for that you have to calculate the angle of elevation. This can be done when you divide the vertical drop or the opposite leg with the hypotenuse. It is better to take whole numbered figures to keep your calculation simple and easy to achieve. Also the loss values of the weight of the rider have to be taken into account.

Calculate The Velocity 

Last but not least you have to ascertain the maximum velocity the particular setup can achieve. Now that you know all the values of all the variables you can determine the velocity at which the rider would travel throughout the line very easily.

There are a large variety of such zip lines available in the market which comes with several optional tools as well. You just have to make sure that you buy the kit for a company, like Zip Line Stop,  which is reputed, reliable, have very good privacy and  return policy, workable terms and conditions and above all have an enviable customer support system.

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