Best Dance Singers of All Times

Elvis Presley wrote some of the most favorite love songs of his time. Crowds used to go mad while seeing him performing in live. His glittery jacket and hip dance movements became his signature and also became a retro trend in the fashion industry too.

Talking about Elvis Presley songs list, his songs like “don’t cry daddy” and “let it be me” were amongst the top chartbusters worlds wide which just swept all the other singers from the countdown just like that.

Michael Jackson

Songs like “I just can’t help believing” and “its only love” were two deeply melodious and extremely romantic numbers which people like even today. No matter what age, or what gender everyone is a fan of Elvis Presley’s work.

He had a charm of a flirtatious man along with that sanity of a crazy guy that attracted everyone towards him and also affected his work greatly in a very positive manner.

1- Michael Jackson

Talking about Michael Jackson, I don’t think any one of you reading this article would require knowing who that great man was. He was the one who changed the whole scenario of rock singing. He changed the perception of the world regarding rock and retro dance.

He is my favorite and i keep him at the first place when it comes to the best dance singers of all times.

He worked at his best until his unfortunate sudden death. The most popular songs of the world chartbusters have always been from Michael Jackson list of songs only.

Michael Jackson songs list include chartbusters like “thriller” and “dangerous”, which the people of even twenty-first century also keep on humming all the time.

The songs, the lyrics or you can say the feeling of seeing Michael Jackson performing is some thing that makes you feel out of this world. The Best Dance Singers of the world were only a few, and Michael Jackson tops the list for sure. Michael Jackson’s “this is it” and “off the wall” are still the top choices for dancers who perform on stage and in competitions.

The composition of most of his songs consists of the amazing lyrics and music which can blow off anybody’s mind. Elvis Presley songs list has songs like “There goes my every thing” and “make the world go away”, which are the two extremely romantic songs of all times.

Rocker moves of the stars like Michael Jackson have become the sole inspiration of today’s contemporary dancers. Michael Jackson’s moon walk and other famous dance steps are still followed by the youngsters as they still admire his art through practicing it in real.

It a loveable world if you see it through the eyes of such magnificent stars like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley and for that reason only they would always be the Best Dance Singers for all of us until the end of the world.

Here comes the rest of the best dance singers of all times

Although there are many more dance singers besides MJ, I will love to list the top 10 that I feel are great singers and dancers as well. Just check the rest of the nine here in this list below:

  1. Britney Spears
  2. Janet Jackson
  3. Jennifer Lopez
  4. Shakira
  5. Ciara
  6. Madonna
  7. James Brown
  8. Chris Brown
  9. Jason Derulo

The names I mentioned and the list here is just a thought of mine. They are not placed in any particular orders. If you want to mention more of the top singers and dancers, please do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. We will love to hear from you.

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