Basic Pool Maintenance Tips

Keeping your pool crystal clean doesn’t require such tedious work as you may think. There are different pools and they have different maintenance requirements. However, there is one commonality and that is regular and routine care.


If you plan to tackle issues like murky water or wrecked pumps on your own, then you should consult a contractor before fixing. Take a look at some of the preventative pool maintenance tips for better knowledge:

Cleaning out baskets and skim rubbles

Skimming the surface of the pool with hands is quickest and easier way of pool cleaning. Floating debris gets ultimately sinks and get difficult to remove. With a hand skimmer you can remove bugs, leaves and other un-needed items. Skimming lowers the chlorine content demand in the water. It enhances the pool circulation system efficacy. Once you site the strainer baskets, you remove the plastic basket and spray inside with the hose to dislodge objects.

Clean the filter of the pool

There are three types of pool filters- diatomaceous earth, sand and cartridge. They have different maintenance processes for every type. But all require time to time cleaning depending on the usage of the pool. Cleaning the filter more than required isn’t advisable as it actually hampers the filtration procedure. However, you shouldn’t allow the filter to get too dirty.

Repair leaks

Sometimes it gets difficult to find out whether the water level is low due to leakage or evaporation. You can find out about leaks by going for a bucket test. Fill the water and place it in the swimming pool. If the water inside and outside the bucket goes down with the same quantity, the pool has lost water because of evaporation. And, if the pool water falls more than the bucket, then it has a leak.

Screen around the pool

People basically love a free day at pool. When you wish to dive in and lose some weight, then swimming is the best option. Often people love to stay at the pool and enjoy pool parties or small gatherings. There rise the benefits of screen around the pool. What is smart about screen enclosure for your pool is that when you have large crowd inside your property, you can handle the crowd by housing them at one place. The other people can enjoy their independence and maintain their privacy as well. Good screen enclosures are suggested for every pool. Look out for the material before selection.

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